About Indian Hill Summer

Indian Hill was not an experimental school – quite the contrary. Mordecai Bauman based his teaching principals on those of JS Bach – that a communal environment, with teachers and students living and working together, would provide the kids with a positive learning experience that would last them their entire lives.

For teachers, Mr Bauman drew heavily on musicians he knew as a Progressive Party member in New York, as well as his associates from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Indian Hill drew impressive teachers summer after summer, intrigued by what Mr Bauman had created.

Who’s Making this movie?

Thomas Kaufman is an Emmy-Award winning director/cameraman. With over twenty-five years experience, Mr Kaufman’s clients include National Geographic, Discovery Channels, British Broadcasting Corporation, WGBH, WNET; and Academy Award-winning producers like Charles Guggenheim, Mark Jonathan Harris, and Barbara Kopple.  You can read more about him here.

Why make a movie about Indian Hill?

Arts education is essential for every child’s education. Yet arts education is under attack in America– many schools across the country slash arts education funding, diverting that money in hopes of raising math and science test scores. The irony? Research proves that, when students receive arts education, they score higher in science and math. We’re documenting Indian Hill as a model school, showing how caring teachers and artists can have a positive impact on their students.

About Video-Action Incorporated

Video/Action Incorporated is a small, woman-directed, nonprofit video production company founded in 1990 by Emmy Award-winning producer Robin Smith. The company provides a full spectrum of creative and technical services, from concept development through delivery of broadcast-quality dub masters and packaging artwork for VHS and DVD dissemination of completed programs. You can find out more about Video/Action Incorporated at their website: http://www.vaf.org